TMS of Knoxville is the first clinic to bring

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to Knoxville

TMS is the breakthrough technology for non-drug treatment of depression and promises to be the future of psychiatric treatment—providing hope for patients for whom medication treatment and psychotherapy have failed to achieve satisfactory results. At TMS of Knoxville, we have successfully treated many patients with resistant depression, and some have been able to discontinue all antidepressants successfully.

The cutting-edge MagVita TMS system used at TMS of Knoxville is licensed only to psychiatrists with appropriate clinical training. This new technology, which was cleared by the FDA initially for treating major depression in 2008, has been bringing hope to people across the world whose doctors have struggled to effectively bring them back to wellness.

TMS of Knoxville has the first and only MagVita TMS treatment available in the East Tennessee area. Our office bought the first MagVita system in the eastern half of the U.S. MagVita is made by a Danish company, MagVenture. They were among the pioneers of the TMS machines, the first to. bring out a water-cooled coil and the only liquid cooled coil of the 5 machines FDA cleared in the USA. The MagVita system is our second system purchased and used to treat difficult depression.


About the TMS of Knoxville Team

Lane M. Cook, M.D.     


Lane M. Cook, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist who has been practicing in Knoxville for over three decades. He is a well-known clinician and frequent lecturer around the Southeast. His compassion and competence in caring for people with psychiatric problems is unique and provides TMS of Knoxville a warm and comfortable environment.





Terry Chumley, TMS Coordinator

Our TMS coordinator is Terry Chumley. Terry has over 25 years of experience in the mental health field and earned a B.A. in psychology from Carson-Newman University. He performs the daily TMS treatments, weekly rating scales, management of all documentation, and set up of the TMS machine.

His assistants are Tessa Wilcox, daughter of our office manager Belinda Wilcox and currently a junior at Maryville College and Kate Wills, who has a B.A. from Maryville College.



Belinda Wilcox, Office Manager, and Kate Wills, Secretary and TMS Technician

Belinda has been the steady hand office manager for Sutherland Associates and Dr. Lane Cook for over 20 years. She is the driving force between getting insurance to pay for TMS and other services, sometimes spending hours on the phones to get the procedure paid.

Kate is our newest member and comes to us as both a receptionist and has become one of our newest technicians. Her smiling face is the one you will meet first when you come to our office.


Tessa Wilcox, TMS Technician and Research Associate

Tessa graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Neuroscience from Maryville College. Her senior research project was the assessment of cognitive (thinking) changes over the course of TMS treatment. She has been excited about TMS since our first TMS device and the opening of our clinic. She plans to attend graduate school in neuroscience in 2018.